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About Us

PowerData Technologies

Introducing PowerData Technologies

PowerData Technologies Limited is a specialist company offering complete power, data and AV end to end solutions for the workplace, from the data suite to the office desk. Formed in 2006 and formerly from a background in structured cabling networks the concept was to combine power and data in harmony to the user, with an emphasis on cable management.

Extensive product ranges include the following:


BS6396 power and data units, on desk, in desk, under desk, different power and data combinations and colour choices, powered USB sockets and cable management. Standard and Gas activated monitor arms.


19” Power Distribution Units, Vertical and horizontal mounting, sockets of all types, single and three phases, 10A to 63A feeds, visual and remote monitoring.


Floor power and data access, power feeds, RCBO floor boxes, floor grommets, data ‘GOP’ boxes, cable management.

Strategically based in Northamptonshire, PowerData Technologies combine overseas and UK manufactured products to offer an unrivalled range of solutions with a strong foundation of functionality and usability, investment in research and development helps maintain and uphold a competitive edge. Custom and application specific designs from drawings to installation are common place.

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