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Bench Mount PDUs

Bench Mount PDUs, for use in tougher working environments

The bench mount PDU is ideal for tougher working environments such as on a workbench or in a laboratory, where traditional desktop solutions would not be resilient enough. The sockets are not individually fused so power hungry devices such as a power drill or heat gun can be safely used without worry of tripping any fuse protection.

The mounting brackets include fixing holes allowing the unit to be screwed securely to the work surface where required.
Flat surface mounting brackets also available.

The cable exit on the Bench Mount PDUs is at the rear of the unit, meaning the cable can easily be hidden from view

The shrouded switch of the Bench Mount PDU is protected by a switch cover, preventing accidental switching off of the PDU, which is extra helpful in the working environments this unit is suited to

Various plug options are available, including C14, C20, 16A commando, and 32A commando plugs.

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