Underdesk Units

P-Pack Underdesk

A range of underdesk power units, available in different sizes with various power switch options

P-Pack Underdesk with USB

4 and 6 way underdesk units, with dual USB chargers

P-Pack Underdesk with 6C cutouts

A unit that combines individually fused UK sockets, and 6C cutouts into one underdesk unit

P-Pack Underdesk with RCBO

An individually fused P-Pack underdesk unit, with the added protection of an RCBO

P-Pack Powerfeed Units

A Power-Pack unit incorporating a 20mm gland hole and terminal block, for use with tapoff systems

3PG Powerfeed Units

An underdesk unit with 3 pole connector outputs, RCBO protection, and 20mm gland hole input with terminal block

P-Pack Inline RCBO Units

An underdesk inline unit with a fitted RCBO, to add circuit protection to existing P-Pack systems

Schuko P-Pack Underdesk Units

3 and 6 way underdesk units fitted with Schuko sockets

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