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P-Pack Inline RCBO Units

Inline RCBO units with a 3 pole connector ouput, and either 3 pole connector input or 20mm gland input

Units designed to add RCBO protection to new and existing P-Pack systems​

  • Available with either 3 pole connector input, or 20mm gland and terminal block input

  • Provides RCBO protection to any connected units

  • Ideal way of providing circuit protection to a desktop unit

  • Unit can either plug directly into other P-Pack underdesk units, or be connected via an Inter lead

Power Pack 4-G.jpg

P-Pack PF/G

Inline RCBO unit, with 3 pole connector input & output

Power Pack 4-G.jpg

P-Pack PF/20/G

Inline RCBO unit, with 20mm gland with terminal block, and 3 pole connector output

Download Datasheet

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