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Floor to Desk Cable Management

Products designed to organise cables in the office, from the floor to the desk

3 cable management systems, all designed for use under the desk in an office environment.

Organising cables from the floor, usually from a floorbox, to the desk

Floor to Desk Cable Management
Desk Spline.jpg

Desk Cable Spine

A vertical cable management system, the Cable Spine is modular allowing any length to be achieved.

The weighted base keeps the unit in place., and the top segment can be mounted directly under a desk or desk grommet.

Zip Tidy 1.jpg

Zip Tidy

The Zip Tidy keeps cables neat and organised between the desk and the floor.

The zip close makes it easy to add and remove cables quickly.

The fabric construction makes the Zip Tidy flexible, whilst also durable and lightweight.

A weighted base keeps the unit in place.


Sit/Stand Slinky

Cable Management designed to be used with Sit/Stand workstations and desks

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