Power Distribution Units

Horizontal UK PDUs

19" Horizontal UK socket PDUs

Vertical UK PDUs

Vertical PDUs with UK sockets

Horizontal IEC C13 PDUs

19" horizontal PDUs with IEC C13 sockets

Vertical IEC C13 PDUs

Vertical PDUs with IEC C13 sockets

32A PDUs

Power Distribution Units with upgraded wiring suitable for 32A applications


Horizontal and Vertical PDUs with IEC C19 sockets

High Density PDUs

Horizontal PDUs with which use all available space to maximise the number of sockets

Hybrid PDUs

A range of PDUs with a mixture of UK sockets, C13 sockets, or C19 sockets

Bench Mount PDUs

An alternative to desktop power units, Bench Mount PDUs are resilient and can deliver a higher power output

1U Lightweight PDUs

1U Lightweight plastic PDUs for use in wallboxes, where weight and space is premium

Surge Protected PDUs

A range of PDUs with integral surge filtering/protection

Individually Fused PDUs

PDUs with individually fused IEC C13 and IEC C19 outlets

PDUs with Digital Ammeters

PDUs with integral digital ammeters, to display current and voltage usage

PDUs with Power Meters

PDUs with integral power meters, to display current and voltage usage, Watts, kilohertz, and power sum

French & German PDUs

PDUs with either German Schuko, or French sockets

Locking Socket PDUs

PDUs with locking C13 and C19 sockets

BS 60950 Enhance PDUs

PDUs with 2 branch circuits each with thermal trips, and digital ammeters

Custom PDUs

PowerData Technologies can build PDUs to spec, using a variety of sockets, cable types, and more

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