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Vertical IEC PDUs

Vertical IEC PDUs, designed to fit into server and data cabinets

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are units which are mounted into a data/server cabinet, to provide power for the housed equipment.

´╗┐Vertical PDUs are 0U in height, as they are mounted at the rear of a cabinet, leaving more rack space for equipment.
All PDUs are built using a tough aluminium extrusion, and come with a 3m power lead with 13A UK plug as standard, with other options available.
A switch cover and shrouded switch prevent the PDU from being accidentally turned on/off.

The cable on the horizontal PDUs exits from the end cap of the unit, allowing easier mounting of the PDU

The shrouded switch of the PDU is protected by a switch cover, preventing accidental switching off of the PDU

Various plug options are available, including C14, C20, 16A commando, and 32A commando plugs.

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