P-Pack Underdesk 6C Units

Underdesk units with individually fused UK sockets, and 6C cutouts

Units designed to be mounted under the desk

  • 5A individually fused UK sockets

  • GST18 input allows any length of Start lead

  • 20mm gland for data cable entry

  • Can be used in a cable tray, or mounted directly to the desk

  • 6c cutouts can be terminated with data or multimedia

P-Pack 2/2D

P-Pack underdesk unit with 2 power, and 2x 6C cutouts

P-Pack 4/2D

P-Pack underdesk unit with 4 power, and 2x 6C cutouts

P-Pack 4/4D

P-Pack underdesk unit with 4 power, and 4x 6C cutouts

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P-Pack Underdesk with 6C Datasheet

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