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iREM Remotely Monitored PDUs

PDUs that provide real time power usage analysis

iREM iPower APD (Accessible Power Distribution) is a single-phase Remote Energy Metering device that provides both local and remote readings over SNMP.

It provides a thorough analysis of real time power usage across all connected devices and has an easy-to-use HTML interface with the ability to set SMS & Email alarms for all critical parameters.

iREM is configurable to suit individual requirements. It can be a PDU or an in-line device, to provide remote monitoring for legacy systems.

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iREM products are manufactured in the UK, so we can offer bespoke products with a mix of sockets and plug inputs.
We offer a unique design service where we offer drawings prior to purchase making sure the client is getting their product fit and function.

Entry level management platform with easy-to-use dash-board layout lets you log measurements and events from multiple products for historical evaluation and to collate and produce accurate billing information.

The simple display with a true RMS ammeter has a button to physically scroll though the energy metrics anytime when in the vicinity.

Download Datasheet

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