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​Custom PDUs

Power Distribution Units built to specification
Desktop unit with 3 power, and 2 data

All of the PowerData PDUs are built using a modular system, meaning units can be built to the customers specification. Customisable options include number and type of socket, horizontal or vertical mounting, surge protection, and panel mounted inputs.

PowerData Technologies can build PDUs to customer specification, using but not limited to the below


  • Socket Options:

    • UK BS1363​

    • IEC C13

    • IEC C19

    • German Schuko

    • French

  • Plug Options

    • BS1363 UK plug​

    • IEC C14 plug

    • IEC C20 plug

    • 16A commando plug

    • 32A commando plug

    • CEE 7/7 plug

  • Cable Options:​​

    • 1.5mm², standard and LSZH​

    • 2.5mm², standard and LSZH

    • 4.0mm², standard and LSZH

  • Other Options:​

    • Surge protection / filtering​

    • Circuit breaker

    • Digital ammeter / power meter


Some examples of custom PDUs.

Download Datasheet

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