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Simplifying Your Workspace with ICON Desktop Power and Data Units

The ICON is a new range of desktop power and data units, with a number of powerful features.

This unit simplifies your workspace by combining multiple features into one sleek desktop unit: UK sockets with individual switches and thermal fuses; keystone cutouts that can be customized with data and multimedia, and an 18W USB charger with both a USB A and C port.

An Icon desktop unit in an office


A dual USB A+C smart charger, capable of a total output of 18W


2 keystone cutouts can be populated with data or multimedia couplers, or can be blanked off for future expansion needs


An integral mounting hole makes installation easy using the included toolless desk clamp


Thermal fuses can be reset using a tool to depress the red button

Icon desktop clamp system
USB A and C charger
Cat 6 keystone modules


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